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Everything you always wanted to know about psilocybin, but were afraid to ask!

Explore the myth, magic, and science of psilocybin in our five day online summit. This conference is virtual and world wide. That means you can watch and participate from anywhere in the world. You can watch live, and we also have an option that will let you watch the videos at your own leisure, and have access to them whenever you like.

The ‘Chaos Magic’ workshop takes place on day 2 of Impact 2019. Reserve your place now to learn how some very successful brands are embodying magical thinking. Speakers include Dr Rachel Lawes, Jessica Herridge and occultist Julian Vayne.

Oxford Psychedelic Society presents OddBall: A visionary summer celebration of the wondrous, the paradoxical, even the totally impossible. A one-day eclectic festival of colours and sounds, of laughter and play, of performance and ritual, OddBall will be a feast for the senses in the spirit of psychedelia. It will offer an opportunity to step out of everyday time and into an alternate world of possibilities. It will provide a space to have joyful experiences that deepen our connection with others and our environment, experiences that move us toward Wholeness.

Beyond Psychedelics is the global multidisciplinary forum on psychedelics in the Czech Republic, the country with a longstanding history of psychedelic research.

Magical Mushroom Ceremony 18 October 19:00-21:30 2018 @ Apiary Studios, Hackney, London. This psychedelic ritual and immersive workshop will take participants through the history and culture of magic mushrooms. We will use non-psychoactive mushrooms as a placebo sacrament along with consciousness changing methods including voice, breath work, movement and drumming.

Equipped with these techniques of altering our awareness we will demonstrate how you can create your own psychedelic rituals alone or with friends. This is going to be an amazing, informing and transformative trip!

Neuro-Magica Reatreat II: Deepening Ecology, Cosmos & Consciousness

A three-day retreat exploring the liminal space bridging science and magic.A three-day retreat exploring the liminal space bridging science and magic. A co-creative taught course and interactive workshop retreat lead by psychedelic parapsychologist Dr David Luke at the UK’s leading ‘natural building project’ in an ancient oak forest on the Fachwen River, next to Lake Padarn, on the side of Glyderau mountain range, opposite Snowden – one of Britain’s most enchanted spots.

OZORA Festival is one of the most influential psychedelic trance festivals in the world. Started in 1999 to celebrate a solar eclipse, the festival has since grown into a behemoth.

One of the most immersive festivals in the world, OZORA’s six music stages are just the beginning of the festival experience. 

Artists fill the festival with colour, while activities, workshops, and more combine with a scenic site worthy of exploration to create something truly consciousness-raising.

Behind the Scenes & into the Magic – in this day long workshop Julian Vayne will lead us through a series of practical and fun activities, deeper into the fabulous collection of The Museum of Witchcraft and Magic. Expect to see the museum in a whole new light and to get up close and personal with objects from the collection (including some normally hidden away in the stores). This workshop will provide you with a blend of museum skills, magical techniques and imaginative approaches to use when you visit other museums and historic sites.

The Psychedelic Press is turning 10 years old on the 1 December 2018. To celebrate, the crew, authors and various friends in the psychedelic community are going on a short speaking tour, which culminates with a full day event in Tuke Hall, Regent’s Park, London on the day of our birthday.

Writers on Drugs is a celebratory series of full-day and evening events that address psychedelics in all their multifarious guises – from the latest cutting-edge science, to religious and magical thinking, ecology, and the role they’ve played in the history and culture of the world. These extraordinary substances are deeply woven into the fabric of human life; a fact that Psychedelic Press publications have always explored, and which our speakers and authors would like to share with you!

Our intention is to bring together the international esoteric circles to share knowledge through lectures, discussions, workshops and rituals.

Altered States and Magic in Baarlo, Netherlands, 2018. Hosted by Deep Magic, Pagan Federation International & Morgana Sythove

Generating altered states of awareness is essential to magical practice. During this retreat, we will explore how to achieve trance and ecstasy by methods used for millennia: shaking, spinning, inner world journeying, dancing, drumming, ritual drama, surprising the senses and much more.

Over the weekend, we will explore optimal ways to use these techniques through practical exercises, presentation and group discussions. You will take home the knowledge of what works best for you – so you can enhance solo and group rituals and other aspects of your spiritual practice and daily life.

Deep Magic Autumn Retreat at St Nectan’s Glen, 2018

Anál nathrach, orth’ bháis’s bethad, do chél dénmha! 

❉ Inspired by the Wisdom of Ancient Cultures ❉
❋ Informed by the Latest Scientific Research ❋

Connect with the land, with others, and with yourself.

This autumnal retreat will focus on the myths and magic of North Cornwall. We will explore the magical words of Merlin, the mythology of the Once and Future King, and the legends of the Fairy Folk. Participants have the opportunity to undertake a silent solitary vigil/vision quest, and to co-create a group ceremony where we will celebrate with poetry and song this magical landscape. This retreat will also include dowsing, psychogeographical and sacred geometry practices.

A conference exploring psychedelics and altered states of consciousness bringing together scientists, artists, psychonauts, activists and all consciousness explorers. 3-4 Nov 2017, Berlin.