Deep Magic Online Learning

Deep Magic is your opportunity to learn the techniques and philosophy of magic. This is my developing portfolio of self-paced and self-directed online courses. There’s a free Imagination and Wellbeing course and full programs of occult theory and practice to empower your Great Work.

Fungi Academy

Psychedelic Journeywork is a new course from the fabulous Fungi Academy, a creative and educational co-living space, nestled in the hills above the mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Over multiple self-paced lessons I’ll be your guide to working with the magical medicine psilocybin.

You can also learn all about mushroom growing with the Fungi Academy’s excellent online cultivation course

“Fungi are our inspiration to cultivate a symbiotic relationship between ourselves, our community, and our planet’s ecosystem. Mushrooms allow us to rekindle this connection to ourselves, to our community, and to all life.”

Use the promo/coupon code: Julian to get 25% off.


My role as mentor is to help you on your journey and act as a spiritual friend. As an ally in your magical development, I’m able to suggest beneficial approaches and techniques. I’ll help you reflect on and refine your practice, especially if you are predominantly a solitary practitioner. My role is to inspire and encourage you, and to provide support in times of initiation and spiritual crisis.

For those I mentor, I provide regular video chat sessions, as well as creating a shared space for resources.  I often produce additional video and audio material to support those I mentor. Please get in touch and let’s begin our conversation.

Online workshops

Join me online with Treadwell’s Books of London for magical workshops that combine both theory and practice. Learn Left-hand Path Tantra, The Magical Qabalah, Chaos Witchcraft, Elemental Magic and much more!

Workshops, Events & Retreats

I often speak at conferences and Pagan moots. I also facilitate public and small group ceremonies as well as retreats. Stay tuned to my social media or join my email list.

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