I had the honour of being the model for one of Matt Kaybryn & Peter J. Carroll’s planetary deities in The Portals of Chaos deck.

This is a 23 card oracle deck based on the traditional major arcana of the tarot from Devon-based occult artist, Nomi McLeod for whom I played the muse for the Magician card.

Nomi’s work has been featured in ‘Hourglass’ the Extinction Rebellion newspaper, the novel ‘Our Lady of the Dark Country’ by Sylvia Linsteadt, Wyrd and Wyse zine, and the Magpie Magazine special ‘Viriditas’.

I sat for visionary artist Nicola-Clare Lydon who created this oil painting of Pan. Available as prints and on a range of products too!

From Getting Higher: The Manual of Psychedelic Ceremony. Illustrated by the fabulous Pete Loveday. This image showing a Native American Church inspired peyote ceremony features a dude who, I suspect, is modelled on my good self 🙂

I was very pleased to be the canvas for the amazing bodypainting of Victoria Gugenheim inspired by her interpretation of Baphomet. Photography also by Victoria.

You can read about our work together on my blog.

One of the few photographs of me performing the Rite of Chaos B (Baphomet) on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square, London in 2009 as part of an participatory artwork curated by Antony Gormley. Photography by the current Director of The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic, Simon Costin. The ritual was filmed and broadcast by Sky Arts and archived at the UK Web Archive.