Psychedelic Ceremony & Integration

I provide support for people to prepare for, or integrate, their psychedelic experiences. I also provide individually tailored psychedelic sessions using techniques including breathwork and, where licensing permits, psychedelic medicines.


I’ve been honoured to be celebrant at many Handfastings, Namings, Requiems and other Rites of Passage too. I’m able to facilitate a ceremony that works for you and your community.


I’m a specialist in the tarot and have been reading the cards for over forty years.

I’ve published on the subject of the tarot, taught it in academic settings, read for visitors during residences including at The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic, and at numerous festivals. 

My style of reading blends intuitive insight with a client-centered, empowering approach. I’ll help you to reflect on your situation and to positively engage with future possibilities. A tarot consultation is a valuable process giving you an opportunity to look at things in a new way. It will help you make decisions that are smarter and more in tune with your values and intentions.


In addition to contributing to various exhibitions including Do You Believe in Magic? at Bristol Museum and Intimate Worlds: Exploring Sexuality through the Sir Henry Wellcome Collection at The Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter I’ve also assisted in theatre productions and performance arts events.

I’ve helped provide opening and closing ceremonies for psychedelic conferences, festivals and occult gatherings as well as advising individuals on esoteric matters. I’ve assisted on PhD research in the field of psychedelics and magic.

If you’d like to involve me as a consultant on your project, or to help you as an individual, please drop me a message.