Visit my Youtube channel for current video releases including the simultaneously lighthearted and profoundly esoteric series My Magical Thing.


I’ve given many interviews over the years. Check out this selection which includes a couple of articles and lectures too, enjoy!


Soundcloud carries much of my audio output. This includes discussions, ritual soundtracks and more. I’m also part of the team helping to present William Leonard Pickard’s book The Rose of Paracelsus: On Secrets and Sacraments in audio format.


Ritual film projects, readings and collaborations.


The art I create arises from my passion for magic. Many of the objects I present are the material traces of magical workings. Some works are shown here, and check my Instagram feed for current work. Visit my gallery of artworks for sale.


I’m a frequent speaker at events, from academic conferences and festivals, through to smaller pagan moots and arts events. I also curate public rituals, small group, retreats, and workshops.


As well as creating my own art I’ve also had the honour of being the muse for a few artists.

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